Intelligent Chemical Inventory Management System
The best assistant for chemical inventory and compliance management, responding to various regulatory challenges with ease.
Real-time tracking of chemical inventories, intelligent determination of chemical management categories
Automatic generation of GHS labels fused with QR codes
Analysis of full lifecycle chemical compliance obligations and dynamic management of compliance documents
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Do you also encounter these problems when managing chemicals?
Numerous Regulatory Lists and Varied Requirements by Authorities
Chemical management is very complex involving various regulatory lists (e.g. hazardous chemicals, dangerous goods, new chemical substances, etc.) and authorities such as the customs, safety management and environmental protection . Manual compliance check and management of these chemicals takes time and effort and is prone to errors.
Fast Changes in Regulations with Difficulties to Keep in Pace
Product formula is always changing. New products and existing products co-exist. Chemical regulations and regulatory lists are also updated frequently. It takes a lot of effort to identify compliance risks for new and existing chemicals and update data one by one for those updates, resulting in low operational efficiency and high compliance pressure.
No-centralized Platform for SDS and Label Management
There is no centralized management platform for the SDSs, labels and security information code for hazardous chemicals. Employees and managers are unable to access the latest SDSs and fused GHS labels in the first instance to obtain the latest information on the hazards, disposal and regulatory information in a timely manner.
Various Types of Compliance Documents Without Expiry Reminders
Chemicals have different compliance requirements across their lifecycles and often require the application and management of various compliance documents, such as permits, registration certificates, hazard identification reports, etc. Any omission or failure to renew may result in significant losses to business operations.
The iCIMS provides solutions to all of the above problems!
The iCIMS system is built with a powerful chemical regulatory database, which helps companies to accurately manage chemical inventories and hazard information, electronically manage SDS and GHS labels, intelligently identify chemical management categories and compliance obligations, dynamically manage all kinds of compliance documents and provide compliance alerts and real-time tracking, and generate the latest chemical lists and reports to cope with various regulatory requirements and reduce the risks of non-compliance.
Real-time Tracking of Chemical Inventories
Real-time status monitoring
Quick alerts
Easy export of chemical inventories
The iCIMS system is able to track basic information on chemical types, components and hazards, and search by various criteria (chemical name, number, CAS number, hazards, SDS number, etc.). The latest chemical inventory and regulatory compliance information can be exported with one-click to improve management efficiency.
Electronic Management of SDS Documents
Quick search
Multi-version management
Automatic reminders for updates
Employees and managers are able to search and download various versions of SDS, obtain information on chemical hazards and emergency response easily, and import information automatically by integrating with the CIRS Group's SDS authoring software. It also provides reminders for the expiry of SDS documents.
Automatic Generation of Fused GHS labels
Integration of QR codes
Multi-label format
Compliance with regulatory requirements
It complies with the GHS and the "One Product, One Code" management requirements of the Ministry of Emergency Management, and is able to generate an integrated label by combining the original label and the security information code for hazardous chemicals. It supports a wide range of label formats for import, export, storage, transport and operation.
Intelligent Determination of Regulatory Categories
Strong database
Intelligent engines
Double assurance
The iCIMS system includes the latest chemical regulatory requirements and regulatory inventories. It uses an independently developed compliance engine to determine the regulatory categories of chemicals (especially mixtures) and generate the corresponding compliance obligations. A dual determination mechanism of automatic determination and expert review is used to increase accuracy.
Dynamic Compliance Document Management
Automatic generation of compliance lists
Customised compliance documents
Expiry reminders
The iCIMS system will automatically generate a list of required compliance documents for the lifecycle of chemicals and regulatory requirements. The system also supports the hierarchical management of generic qualification documents and material compliance documents, automatically determines the validity of documents and sets reminders for expiry.
Product Features
Powerful Database and Simultaneous Regulatory Updates
The iCIMS system has a strong built-in regulatory database, and the various chemical regulatory lists are updated simultaneously, making the automated identification of compliance risks highly efficient.
Friendly User Interface
The iCIMS system is easy to operate, which is friendly for new users to manage chemicals without much training.
Intelligent Engine with High Accuracy
The iCIMS system is designed with a powerful and intelligent compliance engine, which saves time and effort in determining chemical regulatory categories and compliance obligations.
Multiple Plan Options
Companies can use the iCIMS system online via SaaS, or customise and deploy it privately on demand.
Automatic Backup for Data Security
The iCIMS system is set up in AliCloud's top cloud server room, enjoying high global data security protection measures and automatic data backup to prevent data loss.
Excellent Expandability
The iCIMS system is able to provide data interfaces with internal warehousing, purchasing and ERP systems to ensure data interoperability.
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